Welcome to Indira Gandhi National Forest Academy

About Us

NICHE is an acronym that stands for Network of Innovators for Change. As the first step towards embracing innovation on ground, a group of probationers of 2018 batch at Indira Gandhi National Forest Academy (IGNFA) founded the Innovation Cell, NICHE.

Niche, in ecology, means a match of a species to its ideal environment where it can prosper. So, a species' niche includes all of its interactions with the biotic and abiotic factors of its environment.. Similarly, NICHE in our context represents a sustainable environment where environmental problems are matched with ecological solutions through the network created by this online platform.

Our logo denotes the same idea. It represents a positive and green change through interconnections and mutual cooperation.

It is envisaged to be a platform that develops a network of experts, forest officers and problem solvers . Through this, we aim to have crowd sourcing of both challenges on field and relevant innovative/best practices in use.

To adopt the above idea, we are making a repository of problems on field collected from respective Forest officers. We'll then match these with solutions from experts and citizens. This is the online interface to facilitate such interaction.

Apart from providing a platform, the cell will also take up series of projects applying hands on problem solving approach.

The idea on which currently the cell is concentrating is to provide sustainable income augmenting opportunities for workers' families of IGNFA. Efforts are on to dovetail this project with waste management on the campus.